What is a Workplace Assessment?

A worksite assessment is a specialized service provided by one of actif’s occupational physiotherapists. The assessment is completed onsite, within the work environment.

A worksite assessment consists of observing, evaluating and reporting on the physical, environmental and ergonomic requirements of the duties that an employee performs. The tasks assessed can be current duties that the employee is performing or can alternatively be suitable duties that have be identified for an injured employee to perform.

Information from a worksite assessment can be used to determine if the worker is safe to undertake to duties on offer.

Why should you use an Actif Worksite Assessment?

▪ Assists with return to work plan development
▪ Provides assurance that duties being performed won’t aggravate injuries
▪ Assists in Identifying alternative duties that an employee can undertake safely
▪ Assist in upgrading injured employee’s medical certificates
▪ Ensures a safe working environment
▪ Detailed report provided upon completion of workplace assessment
▪ Provide by occupational physiotherapists- experts in workplace health!

Under the current WorkCover legislation a Workplace Assessment for an injured employee can be charged directly to your WorkCover Insurer.

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