The impact and associated costs of work place injuries are considered an unavoidable cost by many companies. This is just not true! These costs are completely avoidable!!

In order to reduce your injury claims numbers and costs you need to introduce an actif pre-employment assessment. By using a pre employment screen as a key recruitment strategy you will gain control over not only your injury claims costs, but also your recruitment costs while also contributing to the health and wellbeing of your employees.

The Actif pre-employment screen involves evaluating a potential employee’s physical and functional capacity and compares these results against the key demands determined necessary to perform the job for which they are applying (drug screening, hearing and vision testing can also be assessed)
Actif pre employment screens are designed and implemented by registered physiotherapists, ensuring that you get the most accurate assessment and information available.

The Benefits
The benefits of introducing a simple actif pre-employment assessment include:

  1. Assessment of a potential employee’s capacity to perform the key physical demands of the job
  2. Assessment of the manual handling techniques of the candidate and whether they approach the simulated work tasks in a safe and correct manner.
  3. Having a physiotherapist complete the assessment will provide you with accurate information on whether there are any relevant physical limitations due to past illness or injury that are likely to impeded the participant’s work performance
  4. Screening will prevent further aggravation to an existing condition
  5. Cost savings- by preventing potential WorkCover claims, lowering WorkCover premiums. Savings will also be made on labour replacement costs.

Actif fully understand that the needs of your business are unique which is why we will attend your worksite to assess and analyze the core physical demands of the position(s) being offered prior to implementing a pre- employment assessment.


Ensure that you are employing the RIGHT people for the RIGHT job

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