What is Onsite Physiotherapy?

Actif’s workplace based physiotherapy service (or occupational physiotherapy) is a proven strategic approach towards managing and preventing work related injuries. Workplace based physiotherapy will also assist in reducing WorkCover claim numbers and claims costs,  reducing lost time injuries and improving employee moral and productivity.

What does Onsite Physiotherapy involve?

Actif will provide you with an experienced occupational physiotherapist who will attend your workplace and assess and treat your injured employees.  Actif physiotherapists are available to attend your workplace from as little as 3 hours per week up to 30+ hours per week.
Actif employs only occupational physiotherapists, those that are trained experts in evidence based assessment, diagnosis and treatment of all work related musculoskeletal injuries.

Benefits to you of having an Actif Physiotherapist at your workplace:

▪ Early invention and triage of work place injuries (usually within 48 hours of injury occurring)
▪ Immediate Assessment, diagnosis and treatment of injuries
▪ Increased control over return to work procedures
▪ Increased control over costs associated with workplace injuries
▪ Reduced Lost Time Injuries (LTI’s)
▪ Minimize losses in productivity by maintaining employees at work
▪ Reduced absenteeism (by not sending your injured employees off site to external providers)
▪ Minimize workers compensation claim and premium costs
▪ Increased employee morale
▪ Comprehensive Injury related statistics and trends are provided to you to allow you to identify areas of high risk or injury occurrence
▪ Open lines of communication between all key parties to keep you informed of how your employee’s injuries are progressing

An Actif  physiotherapist can also do much more than just assess and treat your work place injuries, you can also utilize them to conduct any of the following workplace health and safety services:

▪ Worksite Assessments
▪ Return to work planning and advice
▪ Injury prevention programs
▪ Manual Handling Risk Assessments
▪ Manual Handling training sessions
▪ Office Ergonomic Assessments and training sessions
▪ Develop and run Onsite health and wellness programs or expo’s
▪ Onsite exercise programs
And more

Actif physiotherapists are THE injury prevention and injury management specialists that will add increased value to your business.

Actif are the market leaders in providing workplace based physiotherapy. We currently provide workplace based physiotherapy services to a large number of companies across Victoria and South Australia, this ensures that you are dealing with the ONLY experts in this field!!

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