Nationally, manual handling injuries represent approximately 35 per cent of all major workers compensation claims.

The Actif Manual Handling Training program, designed for you by occupational physiotherapists, will significantly contribute to minimising the risk of injury to your workforce while also reducing your overall annual workers compensation premiums.   

We understand that your requirements are unique to you, which is why Actif offer a number of Manual Handling Training solutions that will be designed specifically for you.

Our training packages can be tailored to cover anything from the basic principles of manual handling, to understanding key regulatory OHS requirements and legalisation specific to your industry.

Actif work health will meet with you to individually tailor a workshop to meet the specific needs of your business environment

What you get:
▪   A comprehensive, easy to understand PowerPoint presentation

▪   A basic overview of the anatomy of the spine (the most common manual handling injury is to the lower back) and how the spine works

▪ Focus on the principles of safe manual handling and how to apply these principles

▪ Identification of key manual handling issues with your workforce

▪ A practical solution to addressing these identified key issues

▪ A 30 minute practical demonstration within the worksite performing identified “high risk” tasks correctly and safely with all participants

▪ Handouts provided to each participant

Benefits to you of implementing an actif manual handling program:

  1. ▪ Reduced injury rates from manual handling tasks
  2. ▪ Reduced WorkCover claim numbers and claims costs
  3. ▪ Reduced WorkCover premiums
  4. ▪ Ensured compliance with OHS legislation
  5. ▪ Increased safety awareness of your workforce

The Actif Manual Handling programs are proven to assist you in significantly minimising the risk and incidence of injury to your workforce from manual handling tasks!


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