What is a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

A functional capacity evaluation (FCE) is a series of standardised tests used to objectively assess a worker’s functional capacities for work. This testing is completed by an actif physiotherapist , usually within our specially designed offices or occasionally onsite within the workplace.

An FCE is used to determine a worker’s abilities over a range of physical demands in order to facilitate his or her functional recovery. A FCE should be used to match what the worker can actually do physically against the critical physical demands of a job role (either pre injury duties or new duties)

When should I request an FCE from Actif?

When information is required about a worker’s functional abilities that is not available through other means (eg from the GP or other treating practitioners). It is recommended that wherever possible, an FCE should reflect a worker’s capacity to perform the physical activities that may be involved in jobs that are potentially available to the worker.

What can I use an FCE for?

An FCE may be used as a source of information for:

▪ Developing return to work plans

▪ Communicating relevant information to involved parties including the worker, the doctor and employer

▪ Reporting key observations in relation to appropriate and inappropriate activities and behaviors (ie pain reporting that does not match actual physical ability)

▪ Making recommendations about interventions such as safe manual handling and other actions which will facilitate return to work

▪ Assessing the worker’s capacity to meet the physical demands of specific duties when other sources do not provide this information.

▪ Specifying duties including proposed return to work duties or different duties.

Actif use the WorkHab's© FCE method which is one of the most widely researched and reliable forms of functional capacity evaluation available.

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