Does your professional workforce spend the majority of their day working at a seated workstation?

If so, their workstation may not be set up correctly to accommodate the needs of the individual.
Incorrect workstation setup can lead to poor posture and musculoskeletal discomfort. Prolonged exposure over time can result in headaches, neck and back pain, or overuse syndromes related to extensive computer-based work (eg carpal tunnel syndrome)

Actif physiotherapists are experts in office ergonomics and will consult with you as to the needs of your office workforce. We have a variety of services that can be tailored to suit clients from small boutique office set ups to large multinational corporations.

What outcomes can I expect?

  1. ensured compliance to OHS legislation
  2. increased employee wellbeing, productivity and performance
  3. improved workforce morale
  4. educated workforce on injury management and prevention within the office setting

Ergonomic sweep
Our highly trained physiotherapists routinely conduct ergonomic sweeps to rapidly identify any problematic areas in the workstation set up and make corrective adjustments for members of your workforce. This service is ideal for large or small workforces, and for an office setup where any changes may have taken place, for example, office relocations, or as a pre-screening tool to detect individuals in your office workforce that may require in-depth individual assessments.

Upon completion, a comprehensive report with adjustments made, individuals flagged for further assessment, and in-depth recommendations for the office will be compiled for your reference.

Individual ergonomics assessment and report
For the individuals that require a more in-depth examination of sources of discomfort and review workstation arrangement, an individual assessment is warranted. Our physiotherapists can help to customise workstation set up, as well as making relevant equipment recommendations. Contact can also be made with the employees treating health professionals, if required. All adjustments and recommendations will be compiled into individual reports for your reference.

Ergonomics Training
Tailored training sessions can be delivered to your workforce covering topics such as the principles of ergonomics in the office and correct workstation set up. Important areas like rest breaks, and stretching exercises to prevent injury can also be covered.

Train the Trainer Package
Our Physiotherapists can deliver Train the Trainer Workshops for members of your health and safety team to equip them with the knowledge to conduct workstation ergonomic screenings. Each workshop is individually tailored to the needs of your organisation and programs vary from half day to full day sessions.

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